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Volcano (1997)
"Volcano (1997)"
Genre: Action Thriller Drama
Release: 25 April 1997
Length: 104 mins
Views: 9446
Rate: 44%
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Volcano (1997) Description :
Something unspeakably chilling is ultimately starting to heat up at The City of Los Angles! Beneath the famed La Brea Tar Pits, a raging volcano has formed, raining a storm of deadly fire bombs and an endless tide of white-hot lava upon the stunned city!
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 Volcano (1997) Comments:

2 years
150 posts
Volcano is a shallow, effects heavy disaster movie that looks and feels like a Roland Emmerich film, which is not meant as a complement. Volcano just feels empty of emotion, common sense and character. It substitutes all of it for special effects that are now incredibly dated leaving a film with very few redeeming features. That being said, Tommy Lee Jones is always reliable in almost anything he is in and is a entertaining lead. He is let down by Anne Heche who isn't bad, but she is miscast with her never meshing with the film. That may be because the script is awful but it's probably the fact the film feels chaotic and she is always bizarrely chirpy. In fact the films chaotic feel actually makes the whole film seem messy which isn't helped by the fact the story is borderline nonsensical. Overall it's a film that hasn't held up over time due to some terrible writing, casting and special effects. All in all it's really really bad.
quick reply! | 0 replies

4 years
126 posts
2009-10-11 04:11:36
was a really good movie,thanks for the movie.
quick reply! | 0 replies

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