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The Young Victoria (2009)
"The Young Victoria (2009)"
Genre: Romance Drama
Release: 06 March 2009
Length: 105 mins
Views: 20870
Rate: 78%
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The Young Victoria (2009) Description :
Dominated by her possessive mother and her bullying consort, Conroy, since childhood, teen-aged Victoria refuses to allow them the power of acting as her regent in the last days of her uncle, William IV's rule. Her German cousin Albert is encouraged to court her for solely political motives but, following her accession at age eighteen, finds he is falling for her and is dismayed at her reliance on trusty premier Melbourne. Victoria is impressed by Albert's philanthropy which is akin to her own desire to help her subjects. However her loyalty to Melbourne, perceived as a self-seeker, almost causes a constitutional crisis and it is Albert who helps restore her self-confidence. She proposes and they marry, Albert proving himself not only a devoted spouse, prepared to take an assassin's bullet for her, but an agent of much-needed reform, finally endorsed by an admiring Melbourne.
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 The Young Victoria (2009) Comments:

1 year
1 posts
I enjoyed this movie but it wasn't exactly "historically accurate". Not ONCE did I hear Queen Victoria's true title, which was "monarch of the United Kingdom of GREAT BRITAIN and Ireland. She was always referred to as the Queen of England. In fact all references were to England, which would have been forgivable had the writer had been a foreigner but I was shocked to see that it was Sir Julian Fellowes - who really ought to know better!
quick reply! | 0 replies

2 years
9 posts
More than anything else, this is a simple love story between the young Queen, and her Prince. It's - seemingly - historically accurate and, actually made me want to know more about Victoria and Albert's twenty-year reign. Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend are excellent in the two main roles, with Friend's performance as Albert particularly enjoyable. He plays a pragmatic German very well.
quick reply! | 0 replies

2 years
31 posts
This is perhaps one of the most historically correct films of this genre I think I've seen. It excels in every way from cinematography to costumes. The performances are rich and honest. The characters are clearly written with historical accuracy. Emily Blunt was excellent as a young Victoria and Rupert Friend is perfect as Albert. It was a pleasure to see Paul Bethany, Miranda Richardson and Jim Broadbent used so well as were many others. What truly stands out here is not just the overall quality of the film but the historical accuracy. This deserved a lot more attention than it received and in some respects was actually better than The King's Speech.
quick reply! | 0 replies

3 years
6 posts
Yet another movie that has amazing talent! 10 out of 10! Acting, score, and story were all linked to greatness. If you're looking for a movie with decency and morality, then this is a movie for you to watch!
quick reply! | 0 replies

3 years
287 posts
Emily Blunt is very much excellent in this film, and definitely deserving of her Golden Globe nomination. Also, technically (especially when it comes to costume design and art direction/set decoration) the film excels. However, the story is rather slow and somewhat boring to be quite frank. Also, very predictable and very "royal" in a way of character building. Yes, royalty is supposed to be all "royal" to the "common people" but they are real people, too, and that came across rather rarely, mainly due to the sceenplay. So basically, despite being visually great and with good performances, ultimately the story is so usual and so predictable (irrelevant on whether it is actually accurate historically or not - probably not completely, anyway) that one is left somewhat unsatisfied with the film. But it surely is not a bad film, by any stretch of the word. Definitely recommended to be watched for the great costumes and Emily Blunt's performance!
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4 years
1 posts
2010-04-12 22:21:50
I give it a 5/5! Worth watching!!
quick reply! | 0 replies

4 years
123 posts
2009-10-11 04:37:48
Good film,worth watching again!give it 5/5
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