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The Marine (2006)
"The Marine (2006)"
Genre: Action Thriller Drama
Release: 13 October 20
Length: 92 mins
Views: 13725
Rate: 78%
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The Marine (2006) Description :
John Triton is a heroic Marine who returns home after being discharged--against his will--from the Iraq War. Stateside, he finds himself back in action, when a group of murderous diamond thieves on the run led by a merciless criminal named Rome has kidnapped his wife and John goes on a chase through the South Carolinian wilderness to retrieve her. With everything on the line, the Marine will stop at nothing to carry out his toughest and most important mission.
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 The Marine (2006) Comments:

2 years
33 posts
I'm not a John Cena fan, but I will give him credit that he's definitely not a bad actor. The cast was pretty good too, I love Patrick Stewart's character. But the downside is the movie itself and the plot. I was lousy, cliche, and no brainer. It doesn't bring up the excitement or the fun of it like many action movies do. You can just expect what's gonna happen in a second. The final fight scene was too short, actually all of them are. I do like some of the action scenes, but 1 problem was there was too many explosion scenes. Seriously, I think there was like 7 or 8 of them. I saw this in theaters when I was 14 and was a big John Cena and I liked this movie. Now at the age of 19, and a big movie guy from watching Die Hard, Rambo, Speed, Demolition Man, Terminator, Lethal Weapon, Commando, Robocop, etc. I find this poorly made and putted on the back of the line from many other action films I had fun watching.
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2 years
24 posts
The Marine is a film, strangely, not so much about a United States marine, but about a diamond thief and his cronies, and the crazy hijinks they get up to. Pursuing them is an ex-marine, John Triton, an action hero lifted straight from a Steven Seagal film and thrown head-first into this one. Though Cena has a better physique for beating up criminals, is young enough to perform his scenes without a stand-in, is audible in his line delivery, and is believable in his role; he just doesn't have any of the Seagal charm. Cena is lifeless and unbackable - which is a shame - because the film itself (for the most part) is a lot of good-natured Transporter-style theatrics and 1980s worship. The film can be hella goofy; there are several moments where the dialogue is a little questionable, and there are a few instances of awkward self-awareness - but it can all be put aside considering the entertainment value. If you go into this with the right mindset, it is unlikely you will be disappointed. Lots of things explode (including Cena himself, more than once), and it is often a riot when they do. While this is all fine and dandy, there needs to be even more action. In about the middle of the film there is a noticeable slump; like holding a long piece of rope at both ends at a short distance. The action sequences need not be written or directed any better, they just need to be more frequent. Watching Cena be driven through explosive barrels, wooden huts and plated steel sheds is absolutely hysterical - especially when he comes out of it feeling perfectly fine, but the sad truth is that he doesn't do a whole lot of hurting others; in fact, the only death I can remember being directly from his actions is the final boss' (played by the T-1000, Robert Patrick). Stick The Marine on if you ever feel the need to wallow in action movie nostalgia, or if you have a penchant for things that are so bad they're good.
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2 years
302 posts
Cena wasnt that bad of a lead and the rest of the cast wasnt bad either. However this film is nothing but a generic action film and nothing more. Its pretty disapointing.
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3 years
293 posts
This is a great movie I feel a lot of people will enjoy, it mixes humor and action, has an enjoyable plot, all in all if your looking for a good action movie to watch look no further.
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4 years
106 posts
2009-10-12 06:02:37
i saw it in cinema
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4 years
111 posts
2009-10-11 04:20:22
its was good give it 10/10
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