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Jurassic Park (1993) movie links
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#19 Jurassic Park2 [Trailer] movieweb Score: +13
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#21 Tyrannosaurus Rex [Trailer] movieclips Score: +26
#22 Featurette - Samuel L. Jackson [Trailer] traileraddict Score: +19
#23 Clever Girl [Trailer] movieclips Score: +64
#24 The Sick Triceratops [Trailer] movieclips Score: +29
#25 Nedry's Plan Goes Awry [Trailer] movieclips Score: +31
#26 Back in Business [Trailer] movieclips Score: +22
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#34 Flea Circus [Trailer] wingclips Score: +43
#35 Rape Of The Natural World [Trailer] wingclips Score: +18
#36 Ariana Richards - Jello Scene [Trailer] traileraddict Score: +63
#37 Ariana Richards - Dinosaur Sneeze [Trailer] traileraddict Score: +24
#38 Welcome to Jurassic Park [Trailer] hulu Score: +65
#39 Jurassic Park:Interview - Steven Spielberg [Trailer] traileraddict Score: +66
#40 Jurassic Park:Interview - Kathleen Kennedy [Trailer] traileraddict Score: +27
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#43 Jurassic Park:TV Spot - Own it in 3D [Trailer] traileraddict Score: +42

Jurassic Park (1993)
"Jurassic Park (1993)"
Genre: Sci-Fi
Release: 11 June 1993
Length: 127 mins
Views: 25557
Rate: 80%
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Jurassic Park (1993) Description :
Huge advancements in scientific technology have been able to create an island full of living dinosaurs. John Hammond has invited four individuals, plus his two grandchildren to join him at Jurassic Park. But will everything go to plan? Especially when one of the parks own workers attempt to steal the dinosaurs embryos, and have to shut down all the electricity in the process. It's now a race for survival with everyone located all over the island.
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 Jurassic Park (1993) Comments:

1 year
1 posts
Classic movie. It's the undisputed all-time best Dinosaur movie to come out, and likely to be the best one to ever come out. It has an exciting plot, great performances, and action to support it. The effects were amazing; ahead of its time. The Dinosaurs looked incredibly, and terrifyingly realistic.
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1 year
2 posts
The games provides you with an amazing universe, if you love Jurassic Park you totally gonna enjoy the game. But certain parts like the technical problems and the fruststing quick time events may prevent you sometimes from having fun. However for that price its totally worth your effort in going out to buy this. Do it.
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1 year
382 posts
A classic in itself. No movie made of dinosaurs has been more mesmerizing and dazzling. The score is sensational. It is one of those movies that transcends not only its genre but for all movies.
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1 year
282 posts
The music is incredible, but I think this movie is overrated. Some great scenes that are filled with adventure, but the movie just doesn't make me feel anything much for it.
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2 years
100 posts
This is one of my favorite films of all time. It knows how to be scary, funny and fascinating, sometimes all in the same scene. The dinosaurs also look great, especially for the time period that it was made in.
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2 years
31 posts
Everytime I hear low rumbling of thunder off in the distance....I think of a t-rex outside my house because of this movie.
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2 years
26 posts
Jurassic Park is surprisingly good, and I say "surprisingly," because I didn't know how much more I really wanted to watch after the first hour. Roughly the first 60 minutes is contaminated with utter boredom. In fact, most of this first hour wasn't even necessary. If I could crop out the 5-10 minutes of the first hour that were important, I imagine that the audience would still understand what was happening. Maybe it was just my inner-boy speaking, but I wanted to see some dinosaurs for cryin' out loud! But I digress. (To the film's credit, though, we do see some dinos before they begin their reign of terror, but most are in the background, one we only get a glimpse of his claw and eye. Only one dino is fully exposed, and it doesn't really do anything. And before the dinos start attacking, we see two more; a baby, as well as a sick triceratops). After you get past the first hour, the film quickly picks up. I won't say how many, but people do die (and we see two dismembered body parts before the film is over). To be honest, I've never seen a film that would truly qualify as "scary," but this certainly "freaked me out." I always thought dinos were terrifying creatures, but now that fear has been greatly multiplied. In addition to an excellent job on making the dinos appear so suddenly (you'll probably be startled by an un-expected reptile at least once), the dinos look incredibly real, despite the fact that this film is nearly 20 years old. The characters in the film weren't quite one-dimensional, but they weren't very fleshed out either. The plot was slightly outrageous, but if you can force yourself to believe it, the film is much more enjoyable. The score by legendary composer, John Williams, was something of a disappointment. This is by far the worst I've heard from him, though it's not that bad. It's serviceable, and sometimes, that's all one can ask for. Though there are times when the music is a little irritating and repetitive. The film is lots of fun, and it's truly scary. There are some comedy elements, but it's mostly for the fright and joy of seeing people chased by dinos. So, if that's what you came for, you won't be disappointed. That is, if you can get past that first hour.
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2 years
78 posts
As a wide-eyed 13 yr old boy gripping the theater armrests with white knuckles, I remember this film rewiring my brain as I watched it. I walked out a changed person, never to view movies the same way again. The good ones... the truly special ones... aren't just something to watch. They transport you to another world. They take you away and cleanse you of the drudgery of reality. They nestle into your memory and never leave. Jurassic Park was the first film to affect me in this way and I'll never forget that feeling. Much obliged, Mr. Spielberg!
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2 years
8 posts
I first saw this back when I was little. If I remember correctly, it was also a big thing when it came out...I am always going to love this movie...It was one of the amazing film ever made in Hollywood by the great director Steven Spielberg who is the only director who thinks in a different way..Many who dislike Jurassic Park just all have same reason finding out little faults but anyone didn't show where the fault is properly..and also love the background music..it was truly Awesome... Jurassic Park â
quick reply! | 0 replies

2 years
6 posts
Brilliant action-packed film by Spielberg. CGI, dramatic scenes, and blood-thirsty animals make it thrilling, and worth watching. Unforgettable score and hair raising effects will give you a scare you'll never forget.
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2 years
6 posts
I love this movie, one the greatest movies of all time, and a great adventure. It will never gets old. Steven Spielberg gives you a realistic picture of dinosours. It has very good music too. See it.
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2 years
162 posts
This movie inspired and awed me as a child. It's what dreams are made of. The incredible special effects and puppetry still hold up today. Great movie in my eyes.
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2 years
1 posts
One of the greatest movies of all time - Spielberg is a genuis. I love everything about this movie, location, acting, characters, dinosaurs - such a stunning movie.
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2 years
6 posts
A simply great movie, delivers all the thrills, laughs, and all in 2 hours. It gave CGI to the world, along with an unforgettable movie of Isle Nublar's tragedy. This is a must-have for anyone who is a fan of thrillers.
quick reply! | 0 replies

2 years
239 posts
For anyone who was fascinated by dinosaurs as a kid, Jurassic Park is a godsend. It's fun, engaging and a well-told story. Spielberg does sentimental family films like no other, and Michael Crichton's ideas from the book the film is based on add a little extra intrigue to the story. Most of the cast are serviceable rather than outstanding, and the characters aren't the most interesting or original ever committed to film, though Laura Dern still impresses. The real stars of the show (as they should be) are the dinosaurs, proof that a combination of CGI and animatronics result in effects that age the least noticeably over time (the film is nearly 20 years old and the special effects are only just starting to look out of date). The set pieces are also fantastic, particularly the T-Rex reveal and the now infamous Velociraptor kitchen scene. Jurassic Park benefits in a real way from the dream-team combination of Spielberg's expert direction, Stan Winston's creature effects and John Williams' masterful score (easily among the finest he has ever composed), consequently the film is finely crafted and truly memorable. Scored purely on its value as a film, Jurassic Park probably deserves an 8, but since it's the most important film of my childhood, I'm prepared to bump it up to a 9.
quick reply! | 0 replies

2 years
150 posts
The main problem I had with jurassic park is that it doesn't live up to the incredibly high calibre of the cast and crew. Actors like sam neill and samuel l jackson are stuck in a simplistic action film with not much going for it. Don't get me wrong, steven spielberg brings his directing flair elevating this above your average monster film but the sub par script doesn't allow for character development with wayne knights character being a laughably stupid character. For that matter its nice to see that spielberg sticks to the convention that all characters in a monster movie are remarkably dumb. Overall the movie can provide long moments of tension and some great set pieces but not much else.
quick reply! | 0 replies

3 years
2 posts
this is a boss like movie cuz it diosours and panads!
quick reply! | 0 replies

3 years
6 posts
This movie is one of my favorites, I've watched this movie so many times since I was five years. This movie is a classic that more acclaimed standing right next to so many other Spielberg masterpieces.
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3 years
147 posts
One of the best movies ever made, and a movie that has a special place in my heart. Honestly, I believe this movie should've won best picture at the Oscars, not Schindler's List.
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3 years
293 posts
This is a movie that offers something new and exciting, this was one of my favorite movies growing up, and the best in the series, if your a Dinosaur fanatic like myself you'll love this movie.
quick reply! | 0 replies

3 years
5 posts
A definite thrill ride and an experience of a lifetime. This movie might not have gotten all of the praise that Jaws got but it was this movie, alongside with the original Star Wars movies, that really created a whole new world for CGI characters and helped define the skill that a movie crew can possess. My favorite movie of all time and the one movie that will never get old.
quick reply! | 0 replies

3 years
4 posts
This movie is awesome. I first saw Jurassic Park as a little kid and loved it. I've probably seen it fifty times. I just finished watching it again on television and it is just as good as I remembered. This is definitely one of my all-time favorite films
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3 years
297 posts
Dinosaurs are the coolest prehestoric animals in the whole world. thats why Steven Spielberg decided to make a science fiction movie about Dinosaurs and it kicked a**!
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3 years
5 posts
I used to watch this at the age of 3. Since then it has been my favourite movie always keeping me entertained. One of the best movies of all time in my own opinion. Definately one of Spielberg's best.
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4 years
1 posts
2010-06-04 00:36:38
love these movies. first one always best hehe. i also love this site
quick reply! | 0 replies

4 years
129 posts
2009-10-11 04:07:44
I loved the sensationve it 4.5/5
quick reply! | 0 replies

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