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American Wedding (2003) movie links
#1 American Wedding (2003) [Full] nowvideo Score: +23
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#3 Gentleman Steve [Trailer] movieclips Score: +13
#4 Stifler's Coming [Trailer] movieclips Score: +49
#5 Interrupted Bachelor Party [Trailer] movieclips Score: +34
#6 Trailer [Trailer] moviefone Score: +38
#7 Love is Shaving Your Balls [Trailer] movieclips Score: +31
#8 Trailer [Trailer] traileraddict Score: +63
#9 Making Love [Trailer] hulu Score: +23

American Wedding (2003)
"American Wedding (2003)"
Genre: Comedy Romance
Release: 01 August 20
Length: 96 mins
Views: 21756
Rate: 76%
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American Wedding (2003) Description :
Jim Levenstein has finally found the courage to ask his girlfriend, Michelle Flaherty to marry him. She agrees to get married, but the problems don't stop there for Jim. Now along with Paul Finch and Kevin Myers, Jim must plan the wedding. Unfortunately Steve Stifler is in town and won't let the wedding go past without having some fun himself, which includes setting up a secret bachelor party.
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 American Wedding (2003) Comments:

4 years
122 posts
2009-10-11 04:19:58
this is a really good movie,definitely going to watch it again.
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