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3G - A Killer Connection (2013)
"3G - A Killer Connection (2013)"
Genre: Drama Horror Sci-Fi
Release: 15 March 2013
Length: 0 mins
Views: 2492
Rate: 70%
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3G - A Killer Connection (2013) Description :
There are 4.3 Billion mobile phone users in the world. Every minute 60 thousand “Phantom Calls” are received worldwide. These calls have no known source of origin, no numbers and cannot be traced. Some people believe that these calls are spirits trying to connect to our world! 3G is the nightmarish story of Sam Arora and Sheena, a couple, who become victims of a series of events when Sam buys a 3G enabled second hand phone in Fiji islands while on a holiday. One night they receive a Phantom Call which changes their lives forever. The only way to stay alive, it seems is to unravel the mystery of the phone. Technology is a part of our lives, what happens when technology wants to take our lives? . 3G get ready for the killer connection.
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