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2014-07-24 The Zero Theorem (2013) > "T" > Watch The Zero Theorem Movie
Wonderfuly quirky!
2014-07-24 Tammy (2014) > "T" > Watch Tammy Movie
This movie was just okay and nothing exceptional. Melissa McCarthy is just awesome but the story-line was weak, when you know she is in the movie you are like HAHAHA but after watching this movie I was like Seriously???? 6/10
2014-07-24 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) > "T" > Watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie
Good movie! This one was way better than the first!! Very sad how Gwen died.
2014-07-24 Infliction (2013) > "I" > Watch Infliction Movie
awful acting & production. not worth it. 1/5
2014-07-24 Lost for Life (2013) > "L" > Watch Lost for Life Movie
BRAVO! very good documentary, very good cinematography and the crimes involved are absolutely heartbreaking. enjoy. 10/10
2014-07-24 The Signal (2014) > "T" > Watch The Signal Movie
*insert # not yet created* / 10... Brilliant..
2014-07-24 Oculus (2013) > "O" > Watch Oculus Movie
yay!!! i'll obviously wait for better quality, but vodly never disappoints!
2014-07-24 Oculus (2013) > "O" > Watch Oculus Movie
Picture quality is GREAT! BUT...e voices are waaaay off. Even in this most recent upload. Thanks anyway. For trying.
2014-07-24 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) > "D" > Watch Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Movie
seriously watch this film at the cinema's! don't wait for a better version, and pay the money, I stream just like the rest of you but every now and then a film deserves that little bit of money! This was immense in 3D best film I have seen at the cinema's probably ever, worth every penny! Easily best film of 2014 totally enthralling! Amazing stuff!
2014-07-24 Divergent (2014) > "D" > Watch Divergent Movie
K if you mix the movie Gattaca with the Hunger games along with a splash Inception then you come out with the movie Divergent :)
2014-07-23 The Signal (2014) > "T" > Watch The Signal Movie
sound cuts out near the end.....
2014-07-23 The Signal (2014) > "T" > Watch The Signal Movie
good movie but the sound gets cut off near the end.
2014-07-23 The Signal (2014) > "T" > Watch The Signal Movie
You'll either love it, or end up confused. Cinematography was great but I thought the story was a little... meh. It seemed incomplete. 5/10
2014-07-23 Oculus (2013) > "O" > Watch Oculus Movie
Audio fixed, Has some great parts. Thought in would not like it because of the remarks but I liked it and I am pretty picky about my horror films. 7/10
2014-07-23 Noah (2014) > "N" > Watch Noah Movie
Great movie
2014-07-23 Tammy (2014) > "T" > Watch Tammy Movie
this movie was hilarious screw off any one else who doesn't think so either
2014-07-23 Chrysalis (2014) > "C" > Watch Chrysalis Movie
Wow.. Pretty good for a low budget movie.. Slow at times, but overall its an alright watch.. nothing special though.
2014-07-23 Goal of the Dead (2014) > "G" > Watch Goal of the Dead Movie
Interesting movie. Kind of funny.
2014-07-23 The Signal (2014) > "T" > Watch The Signal Movie
Excellent movie! Worth getting through the slow beginning. Can you say Trippy?
2014-07-23 The Signal (2014) > "T" > Watch The Signal Movie
if you want to trip-out, then this flick is for you pretty far out and confusing, but worth a look-see: C-. site stats :

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